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How to Downgrade Flutter SDK

How to Downgrade Flutter SDK ??

When users install and configure a  Flutter SDK for the first time user needs to points to the SDK Folder path for future projects. So in this article, we will go through How to downgrade Flutter SDK.

How to Downgrade Flutter SDK ??

Flutter is versioned using git. changing the flutter version is as simple as changing the git branch. There are 2 different ways:

  • flutter channel <branch>

    Example: flutter channel stable

  • This command is used to change between branches – usually stable/dev/beta/master. we can also put a specific commit id from git.
    flutter version <version>

    Example: flutter version v1.2.1

  • This command will use a specific version number. You can have the list of the available version numbers using the flutter version or click here
  • After this, run any flutter command such as flutter doctor, and flutter will take care of downloading/compiling everything required to run this version.
  • So now, Run the following command to see a list of available versions.
    flutter version

    Then choose a version you want to switch to by running

    flutter version v1.2.1

    To undo and revert back to the stable.

    flutter channel stable
    flutter upgrade

    In the Flutter install directory execute:

    git checkout v0.1.9

    then run

    flutter doctor

    So you can check which versions are available in the flutter GitHub repository

  • flutter git repo
    flutter git repo
  • There is an open feature request to make this easier


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So in this guide, we learned How to downgrade Flutter SDK.

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