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Change App Display Name in Flutter

How to Change the App DisplayName in Flutter Application?

Sometimes users may require to Change the App Display Name in Flutter. In this article, we will understand How to Change App DisplayName in Flutter?

How to Change App DisplayName in Flutter in Flutter Application?

Depending on the type of OS users are interacting with whether it’s an Android or iOS. Users can follow the below steps to Change the App Display Name in Flutter Application.


For android, Change the app name from the Android folder, in the AndroidManifest.xml file, android/app/src/main let the android label refer to the name you prefer for eg.

    android:label="App Name" ...>


Open info.plist (located at ios/Runner)

<string>App Name</string> //

Don’t forget to run

flutter clean

You can change it in iOS without opening Xcode by editing the project/ios/Runner/info.plist <key>CFBundleDisplayName</key> to the String that you want as your name.

You can also use plugin available flutter_launcher_name.

Write pubspec.yaml like below.

  flutter_launcher_name: "^0.0.1"
  name: "yourNewAppLauncherName"

and run

flutter pub get
flutter pub run flutter_launcher_name:main

You can get the same result as editing AndroidManifes.xml and Info.plist.


In this article, We have been through How to Change the App DisplayName in Flutter?

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