How to Get Single Document From Firestore In Flutter?

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How to Get Single Document From Firestore In Flutter
How to Get Single Document From Firestore In Flutter

Earlier we have learned about How to Make a Count Query In Firebase so this time We will learn about How to Get a Single Document From Firestore in Flutter!

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How to Get a Single Document From Firestore In Flutter?

To get a Single Document users cannot call the document() directly on your Firestore.instance. To solve this, you should use something like this:

var document = await Firestore.instance.collection('COLLECTION_NAME').document('TESTID1');
document.get() => then(function(document) {

Or in a simpler way:

var document = await Firestore.instance.document('COLLECTION_NAME/TESTID1');
document.get() => then(function(document) {

While getting real-time data user need to make code snippet like the below:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return new StreamBuilder(
      stream: Firestore.instance.collection('COLLECTION_NAME').doc('TESTID1').snapshots(),
      builder: (context, snapshot) {
        if (!snapshot.hasData) {
          return new Text("Loading");
        var userDocument =;
        return new Text(userDocument["name"]);

If you want to use a Where Clause

await Firestore.instance.collection('collection_name').where(
    isEqualTo: "some_id"
).getDocuments().then((event) {
    if (event.documents.isNotEmpty) {
        Map<String, dynamic> documentData =; //if it is a single document
}).catchError((e) => print("error fetching data: $e"));

Or Simply you can try DOCUMENT SNAPSHOT like a below:

DocumentSnapshot variable = await Firestore.instance.collection('COLLECTION NAME').document('DOCUMENT ID').get();


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