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How to Get the ID Token from FirebaseAuth in Flutter?

How to get the ID token from FirebaseAuth in Flutter

How to Get the ID Token from FirebaseAuth in Flutter?

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Earlier we have been through Step By Step Guide to Firebase With Flutter So in this article we will learn about how to get the ID token from FirebaseAuth?

We have to use dependencies to get Logged In user token using FirebaseAuth which is listed below:


You can also use command to add flutter pub

flutter pub add 

Flutter Pub

How to get the ID token from FirebaseAuth?

While reading some Json files from my firebase database how to obtain an ID token for the current user to be used in the header as follows:

getIdTokenResult() returns a Future – you have to await it to actually get the token string:

IdTokenResult tokenResult = await FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser.getIdTokenResult(); 
var response = await httpClient.get(url,headers: {'Authorization':"Bearer ${tokenResult.token}"});

Now to call the method getIdTokenResult() you need to do this:

FirebaseUser user = await FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser;

String token;

user.getIdTokenResult().then((result) {

    token = result.token;

You can’t call FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser.getIdToken()

then you can access the token with

var tokenResult = await response.user.getIdTokenResult();
log('TokenID ${tokenResult.token}');

and after that, you can use it into

var response = await httpClient.get(url,headers: {'Authorization':"Bearer $token"});


Firebase Auth UserID Token


Hope this article is useful for you !!!
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