How to Solve if Flutter Run Stuck at Installing APK??

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How to Solve if Flutter Run Stuck at Installing APK
How to Solve if Flutter Run Stuck at Installing APK

sometimes it may happen that when end-user builds release apk using command and when the user tries to install it in a device Flutter SDK stuck and it doesn’t proceed ahead so in this article we will go through How to Solve if Flutter Run Stuck at Installing APK.

How to Solve if Flutter Run Stuck at Installing APK ??

This happens when your logcat hangs up. It is a problem with our device, and not flutter or Android Studio. You might want to increase your buffer size.

Depending on the type of error the user getting you could take a look at the probable solution below:

  • For flutter hot reload problems that may be happening with your project
  • To do this, go into your device or emulator:
  • Settings > Developer options ,
  • Change the buffer size to a higher number.
  • Then run flutter run -v again

You can enter this in the terminal

flutter run

And then r to hot reload. You might have to Ctrl+C and n first

Error on installing APK
Error on installing APK

It’s slower than F5, but still works!

I believe the most important locations are as follows: Mac / iOS

  • build.gradle — search for “applicationId”


  • [app_name]\android\app\src\debug\AndroidManifest.xml
  • [app_name]\android\app\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml
  • [app_name]\android\app\src\profile\AndroidManifest.xml

You can also try with a below code snippet

  • Open android\app\build.gradle and set a different application id to the app.
    defaultConfig {
      // TODO: Specify your own unique Application ID (
      applicationId "com.othervalue.sbmicalc"
  • Then remove the previous build:
    flutter clean
  • and run again:
    flutter run


Thanks for Reading !!! Let us know if you have any doubts regarding Flutter development in the comments.

So in this article, we have been through how to solve if flutter run stuck at installing APK.

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