Where is Dart’s SDK Located Within Flutter Folder ??

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Where is Dart's SDK Located Within Flutter Folder
Where is Dart's SDK Located Within Flutter Folder

When users installing Flutter SDK  setting up stuff to get started with flutter development a common question that arises in their mind is where is Dart’s SDK Located Within Flutter Folder. Let’s clear that out by reading the article.

Where is Dart’s SDK Located Within Flutter Folder ??

The Dart SDK lives inside the bin/cache/dart-sdk folder of the Flutter SDK. It will be downloaded the first time you run the flutter command, so may not exist if you’ve not yet run flutter.

The Dart’s SDK is located at /flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk

However, If Android Studio’s flutter plugin is installed, the plugin needs to be told where flutter’s SDK is located. Android Studio should be able to locate Dart’s SDK afterward:

If you installed Dart on windows via Chocolatey, you will find it on C:\tools\dart-sdk

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