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Daily Fitness App UI In Flutter

Earlier we have been through Real Estate App UI  Which is basically useful for people who are planning to develop an app for real estate services like buying and selling homes. Renting a property and so on. So now this we will walk through Daily Fitness App UI In Flutter.

Daily Fitness App work as a perfect motivation thing for most of us.

To get a basic idea about what we are going to develop kindly go through gif as below:

Daily Fitness App - Flutter Agency

Daily Fitness App – Flutter Agency

The design of this app is very smooth UI looks and neat clean and gives the best user experience to the user.

In this Daily Fitness App UI we are having two screens:

First Screen is a HomePageScreen which has a list of all tasks for allocating for Today, Time allocates to a particular task, Starting Time, etc along with it, we have used a BottomNavigationBar in it.

Second Screen is a PlanScreen which has a list of a plan for the day. Users can also set their weekly challenges with it can and also check the completion ratio in percentage as well days remain to complete the challenge.

We have implemented the BottomNavigationBar on the IndexPage.

If you want to have a look at the Youtube video then below is a Youtube video for you.

Design Credit: https://dribbble.com/shots/13918966-Daily-Fitness-Challenges-App/

Detailed source code can be found on below Github link. Give a start to this project: https://github.com/maheshbosctechlabs

In this article, we have used a Widget like ListView WidgetContainer WidgetStack Widget, and Card Widget.

Thanks for being with us.

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