How to Convert Int to Double ??

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How to Convert Int to Double
How to Convert Int to Double

So in Dart 2.1, integer literals may be directly used where double is expected. See In this article, we walk through How to Convert Int to Double in Dart.

How to Convert Int to Double?

Note that this applies only to literals. int variables still won’t be automatically promoted to double, so code like:

double reciprocal(double d) => 1 / d;

int x = 42;

would fail, and you’d need to do:


Simply toDouble()


int intVar = 5;
double doubleVar = intVar.toDouble();

So you can also use:

int x = 15;
double y = x + .0;

From this attempt:

class Useless{
  double field;
  Useless(num input){
    field = input.toDouble();

So you can use the parse method of the double class which takes in a string.

class Useless{
  double field;
  Useless(num input){
    field = double.parse(input.toString()); //modified line

A more compact way of writing the above class using constructor’s initializers is:

class Useless{
  double _field;
  Useless(double field):_field=double.parse(field.toString());

I’m using a combination:

static double checkDouble(dynamic value) {
  if (value is String) {
    return double.parse(value);
  } else if (value is int) {
    return 0.0 + value;
  } else {
    return value;

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